Lipstick is a fashion accessory that some women just can't do
without. Lipstick has been the one cosmetic staple that most
women have relied on. 
It's not uncommon for a woman to put on lipstick before
anything else and in the case of being in a hurry many women
forego mascara or blush and reach for their lipstick. 
Although the term "lipstick" clearly means a cosmetic that is
applied to the lips, there are several different types of
lipsticks available for purchase. Each woman has her own unique
preference when it comes to the different types of lipsticks and
which one suits her best. 
One common ingredient found in many different types of
lipsticks is a moisturizer. This is important because lips can
often become dried out because of the weather or the lack of
humidity in a building. Incorporating a moistening agent into
lipstick allows the woman to wear it all day without worry that
her lips will become dry or chapped. 
Another important ingredient in many different types of
lipsticks is sunscreen. As much damage as the sun's rays can
cause to skin they can cause just as much damage to lips.
Therefore it's very important when browsing the cosmetics aisle
to choose lipstick that has a sun screen in it. It doesn't
change the appearance or feel of the lipstick at all. 
All of the different types of lipsticks come in many assorted
colors. Some women love a bold look and for them a bright or
dark red is a good choice. For other women they are looking for
lipstick that is more demure. In this case they'll want to
concentrate on a lipstick that is a pale shade, perhaps pink or
You can also change your shade of lipstick depending on the
event or your mood. If you are attending a gala dinner you'll
want to choose a more striking lipstick that complements your
outfit choice. If you are heading to the beach for a day of
rest and relaxation a more subtle shade of lipstick would be
most appropriate. 
Although it seems that the color choice in lipstick is
unending, there are also just as many brands of lipstick to
choose from. 
Cosmetic companies recognize the importance of lipstick in
their customer's lives. They want to improve their lipstick
products so that they are longer lasting and the colors stay
more vibrant. 
There are several lipstick brands that now offer all day wear.
This means that the woman applies the lipstick once in the
morning and it is intended to stay fresh throughout the day.
Many of these types of lipstick claim that the product wouldn't
smudge off even if the woman is drinking or eating. 
For a very busy woman who enjoys looking her best this type of
lipstick can be perfect. She chooses the shade that best
matches her look for the day. She applies it before leaving
home and can work all day without worrying about reapplication.
Purchasing lipstick is as easy as visiting your local cosmetics
counter. In most major department stores the cosmetic counter is
staffed with a beauty specialist. This person will be able to
help you when you are buying lipstick. 
Quite often they have training in cosmetology and understand
what shades of lipstick complement what skin tones the best.
They'll choose a few lipsticks for you to consider. In most
stores there are lipstick testers which allow the customer the
chance to apply a small dab of lipstick on their wrist to check
for color. 
Lipstick is fun to wear and it can brighten up a woman's mood
instantly. When choosing lipstick it's wise to pick a few
different shades that reflect your different moods.

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